Learning & Child Care                                                    

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We provide activities that promote cognitive and social development in a wamr, nurturing, safe and caring environment that supports the child as he or she experiences constantly changing learning opportunities


Our program offers a balance of nurturing and explorative playtime and learning that keeps the child’s mind engaged and happy throughout the day.


Our daily activities help to develop your child’s ability to make choices, problem solve, initiate play, encourage self help skills and prepare your child for the next exciting phase


School Age

Our program helps the children discover their ever-changing sense of who they are becoming and what they can do with their new sense of “self”.

Discovery Lab

Our Discovery Lab will take your child’s learning one step further and assist them in learning new computer and art skills while building self-confidence.

The Discovery Lab is the latest addition to our growing center that provides a calm and soothing environment for your child to read, explore and create.

Summer Enrichment

Your children will enjoy fun and discovery, while you enjoy the convenience and safety of a centrally located center that provides safety and familiarity for your peace of mind.

Our outdoor play sets, walking field trips and nearby pool activities give your child an opportunity to exercise and interact with other children and the world around them.